Everyone are foxies!! XD

I’m testing the sprite size and placement. The sprites are made bigger than needed (duh), so I’m testing how small should I resize them because if they’re too big it would crowd the screen. This looks good, tho. 

Sorry Akechi, all things considered, I have to have you replaced by Robot. 

Is there too many spacefiller folks here? Serious question, guys. In the Goemon and Munenori version of the Romantic Festival spinoff there’s only Hanzo and Kuma alongside the man whose route you’re on. 

But… well, it’s out of character for Nobu to be teaching dancing or something, so I have to have other people do the job. But GAAAAAH!!!! I feel like the pointless spacefiller extras can be a little bit distracting…

And… why, yes, this is meant to be a sidestory for Nobu because Solmare won’t give us one. Screw timeline logic fail. There’s so many timewarps in the Nobu route that the story is full of wormholes, so I’m allowed to do this, dammit!!!

I dunno why I insist on copying as many of the original features as possible, buuuut…

I made this stripey blinds transition to look at least somewhat similar to the original transition Solmare used in the old Ninja Love and Ninja Love GREE versions (I forgot if it’s still in use in the + one or not, but eh…)

I made a festival sprite for Robot.

I don’t even know if I want to use Robot in the festival thing, but… the mask is easy enough to remove if I end up not using it. I can use the sprite for his “casual wear” sprite.

I put animated fireflies in the title screen. Sorry can’t show you animation because I don’t have video screencapture program. The trial version ran out.

Is it overdoing the sparkly? :( The image itself is already sparkly…

Mmmg, testing the Exit screen for my mini trollgame…

It feels so weird becuase the main title screen is all sparkly, but the exit screen is kind of traditional and antique… I wonder if it’s okay. The other menu screens, like the volume options and save slots, all have traditional Japanese patterns so this might not seem THAT weird…

Waaaah!!! I flail over every little thing!! How will I ever get done?????

The hellspawns’ title screen preview

I can’t resize this GIF in such way that wouldn’t make Tumblr have a snit fit, but I don’t wanna upload it as video either, so…

Lookit! It rains flowers and leaves in the title menu.

Although… I have to say this thing is getting a HUGE restructure because I realized that the 400x600 resolution I had for the Nobu one is too small for some of the stuff that I put in this one, so I resized it to 500x700, and now I have to fix all the codes of the menus because different size = the numbers in the codes needs tweaking.

I’ve always wanted to do this “layers of clothing”/step-by-step dress up thing ever since I saw it in the Samurai Warriors concept art book XD

The arm-armour thingy goes under all the kimono layers because despite the fact that drawing fabric folds pains me, I still love seeing them flowing kimono sleeves. Although in Puppy’s case the sleeves are way narrower than it supposed to be because I want his arms movements to be realistically not be hindered by sleeves without having to remove them or tie them back I said so. 

Nobu and his spawns height comparison. They’re all giants >.<


In which the profiles only contain useless information. For now anyway. See the huge blank space leftover? That would be where the more lengthy character intro would come in. Just not now, because I want to wait until I finish writing to be sure what is spoiler and what isn’t. I don’t want to advertise anything too major in there.

I hesitate to even add the “like” and “dislike” thing because those are stuff that I feel should be presented in-story; not in some character blurb. That’s why the only stuff I give here are the irrelevant things that would hardly matter in-story or would probably not be mentioned at all (like height and age).

And nicknames. Nobody would dare call them that to their face or within earshot, LOL. But I thought it would be funny anyway. Lord Dumbass is what Puppy is actually known by in a lot of Japanese communities in real life, lol. They call him “baka-dono”.

Robot is huge, LOLOLOL. I matched the sprites up the the existing canon sprites, and he’s a good bit taller than Sasuke who is 6’2”, so… And yay boots because European clothing elements combined with traditional Japanese stuff is SEXY ♥♥♥


If my old fake video project had been a playable thing. IF.

Too much of a sidetrack to make. Unless people actually want it. It’s super short too, so… blah.

Must… finish… the Seasons… blurgh…

Why do I need sleep? Why do I need food?

Oh, and for whatever reason I forgot to save the materials for the logo pieces all those time ago, so when I needed to edit it I just went DERP HOW DID I MAKE THIS GOLD TEXT EFFECT AGAIN??? *agas fails*

I dunno. I really like making GUI. Even when there is no need for it.

Reblog/reply if you want to see this weird little thing happen.

^This is good, yes/no?

A slightly modified version of the bonus menu screen for the combo build.

Made the banners horizontal to fit the extra option, i.e “character info”. We needed one for this because HERE BE ALL THE OC DUMPAGE, as you darn well know.I don’t think the intro/prologue would cut it here. This is a PWP “let’s just jump into the romance” kind of thing anyway.

I’ll see if I have enough energy to draw up some girls because we need girls for derp princess to derp with. And weep and whine about her love woes. But if I don’t it’s fine because this is a mini-build.

The big build is the one that’s set to be like one of those heavy-duty games where you don’t really know whose route you’re on until later chapters.

This build is gonna be much bigger than Nobu’s, I just know it >~


Pointless art spam because I’m just not making any sense right now.

Lord Robot’s clothing is based on Muromachi/Azuchi-Momoyama era hunting outfit. Obviously with a little tweak here and there, but still.

This was quite a happy accident, really, because I just chose this design for no reason whatsoever. I even thought it was topsy-turvy, because nowadays it’s worn by yabusame archers for their performances and… the archer in this WTF universe is Puppy. Then I found out that Robot here got a lot of praise for something pertaining to hunting-falcons, so now the clothes makes sense for his character (he likes to go out hawking).

If I have new followers, well, I apologize for the weird nicknames. That kind of just happened over time.

Robot = Nobutada

Puppy = Nobukatsu

*inane trivia*

Sorry, I’m rather uninspired at the moment.

At some point I really do need to make this anyway, so why delay?

Herp derp derp… my headcanons for their face and body shapes.

Both Nobu and Robot have very angular faces, Puppy doesn’t. Nobu and Puppy have narrow jaws, Robot has a wider and more squared jaw. And then there’s the minor difference in the eyes and lips and stuff.

Puppy is the scrawniest one, hurr hurr. Most of his muscle bulk are in his shoulders and arms. It’s probably hard to see, but Robot has narrower shoulders than the other two. And Nobu is just ripped because, hey, he’s got 20 years head start. The boys will catch up at some point… maybe…

Why yes, I did draw this with a straight face. It’s not fanservice or anything.