Nobu and his sons like to go hawking :D

Robot here gave his dad gifts of falcons once. And apparently they were super special falcons, ‘cause Nobu was very pleased with them.

*pointless trivia because I wanted to draw chibiNobutada with a falcon, but I don’t like leaving the comment box empty*

I figured I’d fiddle around with the material for the brothers.

Their mini-stories are bundled together so I needed this extra screen :3 I’d need to edit the Bonus screen and Exit screens too, ‘cause they’re kinda character specific. Was trying to get the Exit screen to have the person you last played.

Now to figure out how best to layout the Bonus screens. I’m not sure WHAT would be in it yet, other than the obligatory CG screen.

Raining chibi-Nobu updated

Now he looks like this:


Nobu drawn in the style of the chibi-ninjas that showed up in the Second Mission For Love banner.


'sides, this one is neater. As in… it's actually inked and coloured nicely. The older version of the raining Nobu was a quick and lazy doodle-sketch.


The last of my Fiction VS Reality batch, my pseudo-OCs!!

Not that this matters in any way, pffftt…

Puppy, I think you’re pretty no matter what. Yes, even in the “reality”. I still think that is not bad-looking XD You too, Robot.

My only complaint about the real you guys is “WHY DID YOU DO THAT????”

I’m pretty sure I already posted these historical pictures, but in case I haven’t….

Oh, Nobu and the other Ninja Love people are HERE.

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Heroine: I’m here to seduce you! Or your father. Or maybe get close to you to get to your father. Or seduce both of you and have totally sick and twisted threesomes!


Good morning, Tumblr. I’m here to deliver a WTF moment for you.

Dedicated to obsessionaboutillusions and otomenights because they’re awesome.

Yes, I made that Nobukatsu sprite from scratch. Praise me. I… went a little overboard drawing his hair and so I was screaming and dying when I had to colour it because it was too complex for my own good. But it was worth it because he looks FABULOUS.

I figured if I really are going to make that “Ninja Love Expansion: Romance goddamn Nobunaga” troll game, I need more side characters. Seriously. Going by what I drafted thus far, you’re gonna spend most of the story NOT seeing much of the ninjas (no duh), and it’s gonna be boring to be around the castle and not seeing any sprites other than Nobunaga and Akechi (and maybe Oriku). So yeah. Nobukatsu. 

Just in case you’re now wondering “WTF, how old is Nobunaga, then? His son looks about Hanzo’s age!”… Well, that is sort of part of the drama, so I’m not saying anything in case I actually do get around making the fangame for real. I’ll only start rambling about it when I declare the project dead.

20 days late, but… again. First anniversary of Lord Puppy Nobukatsu’s creation!

Puppy has not changed much (outwardly anyway). Just his WTF sob sob backstory because now i have legit historical material to work with instead of just the vague Wikipedia entry that tells me absolutely nothing.

Now that it’s useless backstory, I can say that initially the idea is that Puppy is actually adopted. But that was when I was pretending that Puppy is an only son. Now that I know that Solmare actually acknowledges that Puppy has an older brother (even if said brother never showed up), that idea doesn’t really work.

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Nobutada Oda from the Mafia AU short comic. In case you were wondering what he looks like :P


It’s been a 10 days late, but… celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Lord Robot Nobutada’s creation, pffft.

I’ve been at this shit for A YEAR. A YEAR!!!

I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad because I don’t feel like I’ve made substantial progress.

He’s changed a lot, LOL. And see how I totally broke my promise of not involving him in the “main issue”.

Lord Puppy wishes you Happy White Day.

While I mourn my lack of writing motivation. Nobu is almost done. ALMOST. And then I just can’t write.

The “main route” title screen. Pfft…

That being said, I’m still undecided between RPG and otome. RPG is more fun, but… otome is not half bad either. So. You know…

Name: Masa
Oda clan ninja

Deathly loyal and dedicated to his job as a bodyguard, he is the reason no one managed to touch Nobunaga yet. His presence is intangible and even the keenest ninja can hardly notice he’s around. Sometimes known as the Bloodthirsty Demon by his fellow ninjas for his ruthlessness in dealing with enemies.


Yay, my Gary Stu mook ninja is done!!

Hey, there needed to be a legit explanation as to why the ninjas have been wailing “OMG it’s NOT POSSIBLE to just sneak in and assassinate Nobunaga in his castle! We have to have WAR!!!”

And “We have to lure out Nobunaga because his defense is too strong!!”



DAT HAIR. It’s the bane of me.

I wonder if I should make a version without the mask… He’s just a useless mook. You don’t really need to see his face.

… I was trying to make Puppy and Robot’s build look a little different, but I’m too lazy to redesign. Tried to make the Save/load/whatever tabs a different colour, but it just sucks. Oh well…

I think I’ll just keep the UI the same because they’re the same series and stuff…

Dialogue not set in stone, but yes, this is a random in-game scene (because I write sporadically). Why is Saizo taking orders from Lord Puppy? Because reasons.


Pardon me for updating the title screens AGAIN. I’ve decided to make the title backgrounds be more… season-appropriate. Akechi’s one remains the same because it’s the closest thing to Autumn I can find among the backgrounds. I know it’s afternoon garden, but I’m just gonna pretend it’s autumn and the leaves turned brown and stuff.

The brothers (will) have routes too, btw. Just on a different build.

The title logo needs updating, hurk. These stories no longer has much to do with flowers, IF AT ALL.

Nobu and his sons, all at… 16-ish.

Can you tell them apart? XD


FINALLY DONE INKING HIM. And this is just his main clothes. I still need his “casual/disguise” clothes. Even if he’s a mook, he still needs his disguise clothes because I need him to show up in disguise every once in a while.

Masa is a sulky ninja. He doesn’t like to talk.

I should be writing, buuuuut….drawing is the more painful process.


ARMOUR ACTUALLY PROTECTS YOU!! Zounds!! *mock surprise*

Seriously, no wonder the ninjas are beat up and scarred. They don’t wear armour. Don’t give me “it’s too heavy” excuse. Hyuga and Goyo had them on and they’re still fine. But of course the scars are there as an excuse for them to go “See? Our lives are HARD!! And we’re oppressed!! Have pity on us!!” Hurr…

I like scars, actually. They’re sexy.

As always, European influence on the armour pieces because WELLP.

(I’m noticing that my OCs are being awfully conservative. But I’m just being sensible, heh. And I like to think that it makes the payoff when you finally see them naked SO much better)

FINALLY DONE INKING HIM. And this is just his main clothes. I still need his “casual/disguise” clothes. Even if he’s a mook, he still needs his disguise clothes because I need him to show up in disguise every once in a while.

Masa is a sulky ninja. He doesn’t like to talk.